I started to draw at a very young age.  Without even being taught, I drew in perspective.  I naturally understood how things looked and should look in different distances.  Even as a youngster I enjoyed art and knew that I would someday make a profession out of it. 


I grew up in a loving Christian home.  This home was not just Christian in name, but in action.  My first word was “amen.”  My strong religious beliefs define me and who I am.  It makes me diligent, a hard worker, honest; someone who will always do my best, no matter what it is. 


Art is also a very important part of my life.  I can communicate through it and/or present an idea with creativity.  I never enter a creative piece halfheartedly.  I will use practically all artistic mediums and put all of my energy into mastering each one.  I feel my only limitation is time.


John C. Herringer